What will we do?

The main objective of the course is to plan and design a community-based service that could potentially be implemented alongside the happenings of Expo 2015 in Milan. The service aims to help people navigate the city in a specific way.

Why community-based service design?

Today, in our global online context, desires and needs are changing. To keep up with evolving conditions, social media can be used as a tool to gauge common interests and values. Once needs and desires are identified, we can propose realistic, functional and efficient services that meet a target audience, a defined community. Hence, our workshop will have two main keywords: “communities” and “social media”. How can we generate positive short circuits between these two terms and develop new ideas, concepts and projects for the transforming city of today (and tomorrow)?

How will we work?

Working in groups of 5, the students will be sharing their process and work on a Google+ platform (and community) allowing for feedback from their peers, tutors and guest lecturers. With such a platform of exchange, their ideas will be tested and challenged every step of the process. The online community will monitor itself and will be the main learning tool informing the students on what consists of a so-called community. This “space” will also collect the evolution of the proposals to create an online archive of the workshop.

What are the course outcomes?

The outcome of the workshop will be a conceptual prototype of a community-based service, one that can be envisioned taking place in Milan and running parallel to Expo 2015.

Most importantly, the practical tools, skills and knowledge, related to online community-based design, will become part of the students’ vocabulary for their future projects.