Long paper titles

1. Thinking about digital-based tools within your ASP multidisciplinary project
a. Select a sub-task of your ASP Multidisciplinary Project (not the project developed in this course at Belgirate)
b. Imagine applying the tools learned throughout the course that suit your design task
c. Discuss potentialities and limitations of the tools, in terms of applicability within your specific project context

2. Thinking about design processes: how has the design process changed due to digital tools (and the cognitive shifts generated by them)
a. Think about the changes that have occurred in recent years and to your own design experience: discuss the processes occurring in the design tasks and how these processes have changed the nature of the tasks
b. Enrich the discussion by referring to alternative contributions starting from the suggested readings

3. Thinking about design: top-down versus bottom-up practices
a. Think about how these different practices allow for different outcomes: discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both systems/practices
b. Enrich the discussion by giving examples of each system and how they have resulted in providing services for a large public

General requirements:
Papers have to be prepared in a manner consistent with the highest forms of academic integrity; all sources of data and information are to be cited explicitly in footnotes and complete references.

Short paper questions

The ASP students have to demonstrate their understanding of the course by answering all the following questions:
a. What is the main problem addressed by the course?
b. What are the main suggestions of the course to address such problem?
c. What is the methodology adopted (theoretical references, methods, tools…)?
d. What are the conclusions?
e. What are the lessons learnt from the course (also looking at the activity in ASP projects, either the long term project of the school and the team working activity carried out during the Spring Course in Belgirate)?

5,000 -7,500 characters (spaces included)